About US

Taking pride in what we do, we are determined to share our love for pets through our business. It is our goal to be of service to those individuals who have a love for puppies, just like we do. We decided to start our own business because we believe we can do a better job than the average pet store. After buying one or more of the puppies for sale, we still have your back. If you have any questions on how to do a follow-up on your dog’s health, comments, testimonials, or anything you have in mind. We maintain the highest standards for the well-being of our puppies. It is important for us that your puppy is loved and treated as a member of your family. We take great pride in what we do, and we have worked very hard to raise only the top-notch pups possible. Potential buyers need to realize the responsibility of caring for a pup involves providing a safe, clean, healthy, and loving home. Each pup needs to be fed a proper diet and needs to be held and played with daily. Thanks for reading and have a nice time on our website.

We are a dedicated and caring breeder and our mission is to safely deliver superior-quality puppies with clean bills of health that come from responsible breeding. Because everyone deserves an awesome four-legged friend! We do have puppies for your viewing at our home location. All puppies are delivered directly to your destination or by picking up your puppy directly from our home. We are a reputable breeder and we stand strong behind our name and behind the quality of our puppies.